(Adventure begun in speeqe November 1, 2012)

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welcome Wildy





Kim:XDD Guess what a question was in a test today in school!

Salem:What? XD

Salem:By the way I got a possible name......The Irregulars

Kim:The Irregulars? Hmmm maybe, sorry just trying to remember a really good gang name I made yesterday

Salem:It's fine ;)

Kim:The question: Which do you think is weirder a man hugging a teddy at night or a man with a little dog which he spoils O.o

Salem:and what was the test question?

Salem:Ahh ok

Salem:That's just insane 0_0

Kim:Tell me about it! XDD

Salem:You remember that gang name? XD

Kim:No :'( it's really annoying me though!

Kim:XD but I just thought of this: El Diablos (The Devils)


Salem:Bringing Wildy now ;)


Kim:what about plot?

Salem:Hmmm......They're under scrutiny by rivaling mobs and the Toon Patrol?

Kim:Yesh! ^^

Wildy:Kim! :D Hi! *group shuggles*


Salem:I think Kim just got disconnected, she should be back


adams13050:Sorry! my computer froze XDD

Wildy:it's ok :)


Kim:So we RPing???


Salem:Yesh yesh

Salem:But one question.....Where would this gang operate out of? their base, so to speak

Wildy:Would they have a code name for the base they use among themselves?

Kim:Yes they could have the run of an old hotel or sumfink?

Salem:Sure ;)


Salem:Sorry if I'm procrastinating but what should the plot if this specific RP be?


Kim:Emm well Warren, Oliver and Lacey could all just be meeting each other at a gang gathering? I dunno pain ish sore XD I need medicine! lolol



Salem:Here XD

Salem:I was briefly AFK ;)

Kim:I see ^^

Salem:Speaking of medicine I was just getting an antiacid- ew

Wildy::( ew

Kim:*Sarcasim* Yummy -_-

Wildy:Oliver and Lacey? do you have bios for them?

Salem:Lacey is Kim's OC :) you can ask about her

Salem:Kim: Lolz


Kim:So plot?

Salem:Hmm.....I'm still thinkin'

Salem:Wildy, you think you'd be any good at playing Oliver?

Salem:Anyone here?

Kim:I am ^^

Kim:just waitin

Salem:ok ;)

Salem:You here Wild....?

Wildy:I'm here

Salem:WIld: You still want to RP right?

Wildy:yeah, but I don't know if I'd be any good at this one. I know I'll end up OOC

Wildy:I'll give it a shot :D

Wildy:I'm in

Salem::D :D


Wildy::D *high-paws*

Salem:Ok....Before we RPG, any ideas for plot? just to get things started?

Kim:I has given a suggestion, i'm out ^^

Wildy:which oliver is this?

Salem:Lol it's ok. you got anything Wildy?

Salem:oliver from oliver and company :)


Wildy:ooh! Oliver never left the gang, he stayed a member, but was in the "uptown chapter" I remember

Wildy:as Dodger said

Salem:YES! :)

Wildy:I know the gang made more enemies than just Sykes


Salem:Oooh- maybe they were enemies of the Toon patrol?

Wildy:What if one of those specific enemies is after Oliver? YES!


Kim:Sure ^^


Salem:Sounds good to me!

Salem:I think we should be ready to start :)

Kim:You know how I said 2 of us could get kidnapped? welp, I kinda had de ja vu XDD and yesh lets start!!

Wildy:Should Oliver be being chased and running for his life? he's not a kitten anymore



OliverFoxworth:(Jenny's last name was Foxworth, it would fit as Oliver's last name)

Lacey:How we starting?? I mean is it a meeting or are they just waking up???

Warren:OOC: Meeting

OliverFoxworth:ooc: meeting, then the capture?

Lacey:OOC: KK!

Warren:OOC: yes ;)

OliverFoxworth:ooc: can someone else set the scene?

Warren:OOC: Sure

Lacey:had indeed went to the meeting hoping to listen and learn from the gang meeting but she found herself zoning out thinking of many things before she noticed Oliver sat across from her she smiled and gave him a quiet wave before returning her focus on the gang member speaking.

Lacey:OOC: that oks?

Warren:OOC: YESH

Warren:OOC: This is after they've all gotten together?

Lacey:OOC: Thanx ^^

Lacey:OOC: Yesh ^^

Warren:OOC: K ;)

  • OliverFoxworthsmiled at Lacey and turned to the brown and tan mutt who had the floor. "Dodger, what should I do on this job?"

  • Warrenis relatively quiet and trying to make himself look tough by licking what seems to be blood but actually is barbecue sauce off his switchblade

Lacey:OOC: XDD

  • OliverFoxworthdraws a switchblade of his own, clicks it open and stares at the weapon. The young cat grips it in his paw, balancing it as though ready to throw it.

Warren:*Laughs a bit, eyes Oliver* "So, kid....Think you're tough do ya?"

Lacey:'s ears began flicking as she was sure she heard something outside the group room she was about to say something but just kept her mouth shut she couldn't be annoyed with the whole speech, she then notices Oliver and Warren and laughed "Boys and your weapons!

Warren:*Looks a little embarassed but tries not to show it* "Hey...."

OliverFoxworth:"I may be young, but I aint a kid. . . " *Oliver bares his teeth as he hauls off and throws the blade with lightning speed. . . the blade whizzes through the air to land in a dart target on the other side of the wall. A perfect bull's eye.*

OliverFoxworth:I couldn't resist. What do you think, sis?

Warren:"Like a little competition, huh?" *Throws his own, sauce-covered knife at the target. It hits the attached picture of Psycho Weasel just between the eyes*

Warren:Love it ;)

Lacey:smiles "Hey, Warren" she tries not to laugh as she notices his embaresment but she looks at the bulls eye and laughs "Yeah but can ya do that with a moving target? Don't mean anything if you can kill a dart board"

Warren:*Shrugs* "Maybe. Maybe not. Why?"

Lacey:"Well ya never know when we're gonna have to fight and A was talkin to the ki- Oliver" she smirked.

OliverFoxworth:*jumps across the distance and yanks his knife free; whirls, teeth bared, as though ready to attack*

OliverFoxworth:he's ready to go ;)

Lacey:OOC: I think I should mention that Lacey has a Southern Accent which she is trying to help you understand ^^

2012/11/01 - 23:50:18 UTC

Warren:OOC: ;)

OliverFoxworth:ooc: aye! :D

OliverFoxworth:he's hyped from the adrenaline rush

Warren:"Well who're we gonna fight, Lacey? Psycho, Greasy and all their little pals?"

OliverFoxworth:"Lemme at the scum, I'll take them on myself. . . ."

Lacey:laughs "Fiesty little cat aint ya?, now sit down before y'all cut yourself" she smirked and looked at Warren before rolling her eyes "There could be other gangs out there, A mean I've already told y'all earlier I heard talk of another gang when A went to see ma dad"

Warren:"What do you know about 'em, then?"

OliverFoxworth:*sits down, still shaking, turning the blade over in his paws as he listens*

Lacey:OOC: What's the rival gangs name?

Warren:OOC: Hmm....Maybe THESE are the Irregulars?

OliverFoxworth:ooc: should Oliver have heard the name but not know who they are and Warren puts it together? should Oliver have heard the name but not know who they are and Warren puts it together?

Lacey:OOC: Yeah!

OliverFoxworth:"I've heard of a gang. . ."

Lacey:smirks "Well that got y'all listening" she shook her head "All a know is that they're called the Irregulars and they come from uptown "

Warren:"U-Uptown?" *Looks slightly unnerved*

  • OliverFoxworthOliver's jaw hits the floor.

OliverFoxworth:"The. . . Irregulars. . .?"

Lacey:looks at them both before continuing "Yeah the irregulars" she shrugged "The only other thing a know is that the consist of al different species, they've even got some of the Fire ferret with em"

Warren:"You know if they associate with the Patrol?"

Lacey:"If y'all are talkin about the Toon Patrol then yeah they've been doin buisness with em"

Warren:"Yeah, yeah, the patrol.......You know, I ever tell either a you about what the Toon Patrol did to me last I saw 'em?"

OliverFoxworth:"What happened?!"

Lacey:Lacey flicked an ear "What?"

Warren:*Rolls up his left sleeve to reveal a long, gruesome scar* "You know, they shot me right here." *Taps the scar* "The pistol was.....Full of dip." *Scowls*

Lacey:shakes her head "Good god Warren!"


Lacey:"Must of hurt" she shivered "'Specially if it had dip in it"

OliverFoxworth:"Did they ever hit you in the shoulder?"

OliverFoxworth:*the young cat's left shoulder's twitching uncontrollably*

Warren:"As a matter of fact.....They did."

OliverFoxworth:"Damn, I wish I could stop that tic, but I haven't been able to since. . ."

OliverFoxworth:I was thinking they shot at Oliver, hit him, he escaped but got a scar on his shoulder?


Lacey:"Since what?"

OliverFoxworth:*Oliver unbuttons his shirt and slides it back, baring his shoulder and a similar scar*

OliverFoxworth:"The scum. . . "

OliverFoxworth:"I was protecting a family of friends when I was shot, they got away. Duchess and her kittens escaped, I took the fire for them."

Lacey:"They Shot you too??" she shivers then looks up "What about O' Mally?" she recalls a time when O'Mally once saved her life.

Warren:"Say...I knew O'Mally once. He okay?"

OliverFoxworth:"He's not dead. When they were transporting us over a bridge, I kicked him out of the truck and into the river below. He's safe."

OliverFoxworth:"I jumped after him."

Lacey_:Who's Hayes?

Lacey_:*OOC: Who's Hayes?

Warren:OOC: Not me :/ I say we just ignore them until they leave

Lacey_:"Well a've got respect for you Oliver" she smiled.

Warren:"Yeah...Even I do. Admittedly."

Warren:*Smiles politely* "You're all right."

OliverFoxworth:"I did the right thing. I didn't want Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz not knowing a father."

Lacey_:OOC: should it be night when the gang comes?

Warren:OOC: Yes ;)

OliverFoxworth:OOC: Yeah!

Lacey_:smiled "Yeah well it was dead good of ya!"

Lacey_:OOC: XD I has a funny idea now

Warren:OOC: Ooh what?

Lacey_:OOC: you shall see when the gang comes :D

Warren:OOC: ;)

OliverFoxworth:"I'd do it all again and take the shot if I had to do it again."

Warren:"Kid, I may have respect for you and all....But gettin' shot up by the Toon Patrol is one thing I'm glad I only ever experienced twice in my life."

OliverFoxworth:"If I had to save them, I mean."

Lacey_:"Never expereinced that, with them Toon Patrol they never came to where I lived" she sighed with relief "Must be to small for them"

Warren:"Yeah, you must be. And the scars..." *Shrug* "That's what a guy gets for shopliftin'."

  • OliverFoxworthcovers his face with his paws

OliverFoxworth:"Sorry, just remembering a bad. . . bad incident. . . "

OliverFoxworth:(another incident, he means)

Lacey_:smiles "It's ok ki- Oliver" she grabs a chair, fed up of leaning against the wall.

OliverFoxworth:"I hope. . . "

Warren:*Sits down, lights a cigar and takes a long drag, blowing a smoke ring*]

Lacey_:ooc: brb

Warren:OOC: Ok :)

OliverFoxworth:*grabs a chair and sits*

Warren:pm'd you on chat :)

Lacey_:ooc: back ^^

Warren:OOC: WB!

Lacey_:ooc: *Huggles*

Lacey_:ooc: Hows about we make it night time?

Warren:OOC: YESH

OliverFoxworth:ooc: YEAH!

Warren:OOC: It's ok, Kim'll probably be right back


Warren:OOC: I'm gonna keep this tab open for when she comes back; I'm sure it's just her internet

Lacey:OOC: Back ^^

OliverFoxworth:OOC: WB!

Warren:OOC: WB!

Lacey:OOC: Thanks!!

Lacey:OOC: oks so Night time??

OliverFoxworth:ooc: YEAH!

Lacey:ooc: kk!

Lacey:yawns and stretches "Well am off to bed!" stands up and smiles "See ya later" she then walks up stairs and into her room she then slips into a neon blue night gown and sat on her bed before grabbing her pillow and lying down.

Warren:*Turns to Oliver* "You usually stay up late?"

OliverFoxworth:"Unless I have a stiff drink, yeah"

OliverFoxworth:(hot milk, he means)

Warren:OOC: ;)

Lacey:OOC: Lacey ish asleep so ima watch you two till the Irregulars come ^^

Warren:IC: "Well....I've always been early to bed early to rise so... See ya." *Yawns and goes off to his own room, but simply sits on the bed and fiddling with his guns*

Warren:after we finish this RP; can we do that one with Felipe and Grace we mentioned?

OliverFoxworth:*goes to his room and lies fully-clothed on the bed with his knife in his paws*

Lacey:-Everythink ish at peace-

Lacey:ooc: Sorry couldn't resist X3

Warren:OOC: ;)


OliverFoxworth:ooc: LOL


Lacey:OOC: Could someone else write the scene setting for the Irregulars I did the first one ^_^;

Warren:OOC: I can. What species are they, primarily?

Lacey:OOC: Dogs?

Warren:OOC: Sure >;)

Lacey:OOC: kk

Warren:IC: *There is a barely audible knocking as a shadowed pack of dogs slips in; all dressed in uniform trench coats and armed with various heavy weaponry*

Lacey:OOC: you'll need to write them 'attacking' as well ^^

Lacey:OOC: Wildy you here?

Warren:OOC: I know; I just wanted to write about their subtle entrance first ;) and I'm not exactly certain HOW they attack

OliverFoxworth:IC: *Oliver, hearing the noise, jumps to his paws, holding his switchblade like a dagger. The young cat's eyes blaze*

Lacey:OOC: they'll just bust into the rooms and take or kill them?

Warren:OOC: YESH

Lacey:ooc: ^^

Warren:OOC: Kim, can you handle the rest of their attack when needed? ^_^

Lacey:OOC: Sure ^^

Lacey:OOC: Should Oliver, Warren and Lacey get taken or just Oliver?

Warren:IC: *Warren, hearing the noise, quietly loads his tommy gun and slips out into the hallway*

Lacey:OOC: Lacey is a deep sleeper, why she doesn't hear them.

Warren:OOC: Ahh ;)

Lacey:OOC: Coming up though, death of Lacey's pillow X3

Warren:pm'd you on HR :)

Warren:OOC: Lol

Lacey:*While half the Irregulars go around the ground floor grabbing any valuables, the other half quickly yet quietly advance up stairs*

Warren:Never mind; I forgot you closed out of that tab. You ok sis?

Warren:*Warren is not long in finding them. He bares his teeth savagely and keeps a firm grim on his gun* "Any of you bastards wanna risk gettin' shot? Fatally?"


Lacey:*The Irregulars look at him dumbfounded as they pull out their guns and one of them say "Tommy Kill him", TOmmy being young and inexperienced misses and shoots the wall*

Warren:*Warren circles Tommy; being an old pro with mob life* "If I were you kid.... Heh heh....I'd run." *Points his gun at Tommy's throat before turning to the rest of the Irregulars* "If you sorry pieces of scum don't get out; I pull the trigger! Yes! I pull the trigger and this kid here dies...."

Lacey:Lou shrugs "See if we care" he smirks "Go on kill him" some of the others look a little shocked but nod along.

Lacey:OOC: The famous hallway scene XD is in like every gang film.

Warren:OOC: >:)

OliverFoxworth:what should Oliver do?

Warren:IC: *Warren, not caring, declines in shooting the kid. What's the point? Instead, he goes off in search of Oliver*

Warren:Maybe tries to fight them off?

Lacey:Lou smirks and send a couple each way, 3 of them after raiding every room in their path bust into Lacey's room she jumps up and rolls out of the bed resulting in her feather pillow turining into feather rain, she pulled out her handgun and shot two of them she then grabbed the other and smirked "No one told me there was a party" she then blasted the gun and began running down he hallway in search of Warren and Oliver, tripping over her gown a few times.

OliverFoxworth:*A feral scream rips from Oliver's room*

OliverFoxworth:Oliver's gone crazy on them



Lacey:Lacey gasps "Darn it!" she runs towards Oliver's room but before she reaches the door she trips on her gown yet again she hisses and grabs the door handle, to find it locked.

Warren:*Is running down the hallway* "Lacey? Oliver??"

OliverFoxworth:*the younger cat's switchblade flashes like chain lightning*

Lacey:Lacey yells "Round here Warren!" she then shakes the door and yells "Oliver!?"

Warren:*Goes in the direction of Lacey's voice, still carrying his gun; switchblade attached to belt*

OliverFoxworth:*Two Irregulars fall dead under Oliver's blade, he dives for another one*

OliverFoxworth:Psycho Kitty


Lacey:*Once Warren is here Lacey practically screeches* "His door's locked!"

Warren:*Is instantly alarmed* "What?! Why the HELL would he do that?"

OliverFoxworth:*another scream echoes* "DIE, YOU SCUM!"

Lacey:"Why would he do that? It's obviously them! They've trapped him in there!" she claws at the door.

Warren:"I wasn't thinkin'...." *Winces and facepalms* "How're we gonna get him out of there?!" *is thinking rapidly*

OliverFoxworth:they should be more worried about getting the Irregulars away from Oliver right now he he he he

Lacey:clicks her fingers "Your damn gun!" she yells "shoot the lock"

Lacey:XDD tru

Warren:"I had a moment of pessimism but if you say so....."


Lacey:"How the hell else we gonna get him out?!?"

OliverFoxworth:*A loud BANG is heard as a body slams into an inner wall*

Warren:"Lacey, I don't think when I'm fightin'! that's my problem!"

Lacey:"Darn it just get that door open!" she wails "He'll die!" she hisses and grabs his gun and shoots the lock.

Warren:*Lowers his voice* "I'm sorry! I assumed you had your own guns around!!"

Lacey:"Whatever" she grabs the door and opens it but she can barely see anything except blood "Oliver??"

OliverFoxworth:*Oliver's eyes are misted over as he goes for another Irregular, his knife strikes true*

OliverFoxworth:*he stands shaking all over, covered in blood and growling*

OliverFoxworth:*he turns toward the sound of the door opening, ready to kill*

Warren:"Oliver......? It....It's just your old pals; Lacey an' Warren."

OliverFoxworth:*The young cat's paws start shaking. . . he drops the switchblade and goes to his knees*

Lacey:is insanely winded by now and is panting she walks over to Oliver and hugs him "Listen to me Oliver, your fine, you did what you had to".

Warren:*Quietly fells the remaining Irregulars with his gun so that Oliver doesn't have to fight anymore* "Yeah...."

OliverFoxworth:"Lacy. . . What did I do. . . " Oliver starts crying.

OliverFoxworth:"What kind of a monster am I. . . "

OliverFoxworth:*he hugs her back*

Warren:*Goes to his knees; feeling a need to redeem himself* "Hey, hey, hey.....Listen kid. You ain't a monster. If anyone is, it's me. I've been a total asshole tonight and you know what? I'm sorry for that too."

Lacey:Lacey hugs him and wipes his tears away "We all killed tonight Oliver, we had to" she smiles "Don't you dare call yourself a monster"

OliverFoxworth:*Oliver hugs both of them*

Lacey:"there see your fine! Don't you worry" she smiled and pants not feeling particularly good but she hid it for Oliver's sake.

OliverFoxworth:"How badly are you both hurt?!"

Warren:*Hugs Oliver himself before standing a respectful distance away, cleaning his gun* "I got a few cuts an' bruises here and there but.....I'll live."

Lacey:"A'm fine!" she smiles.

Warren:OOC: Save here for now? :)

Lacey:OOC: Sure ^^

OliverFoxworth:TO BE CONTINUED

OliverFoxworth:OOC: :D yeah!


OliverFoxworth:*gives high-paws all around* ooc: YEAH!

Kim:Yesh ^^

Salem:Out of curiosity; what did you guys think of my portrayal of Warren? :3

Kim:Very realistic!



Wildy:How did you guys think I did Oliver?

Kim:Awesome ^^

Wildy:Lacey was GREAT!



Kim:what did yous like best about Lacey?

Wildy:This may sound nuts, but I think that scene should be worked into a novel

Salem:Kim: Lol; the way she handled her weapons ;)

Salem:Wild: It's not nuts at all!! :D :D


Kim:I love the idea :D

Salem:Maybe we could all write it together sometime?


Wildy:I'd love it! :D

Kim:I dont have good punctuation though :(

Wildy:it's ok :) I can grammar check the work



Wildy:What do you guys think a good title might be?

Salem:Hmm....Rock of Ages?


Wildy:Should I set up a wiki for it?


Salem:Sure, maybe where we can RPG and such


Salem:Kim: Wild and I are actually going to set up a website for this :)

Kim:awesome ^^

Wildy:A wiki :)


Salem:nothing here yet X)


Salem:*Pokes Kim*

Wildy:Salem, if you can make me an admin of the site and a chatmod, I can set some stuff up

Wildy:*pokes Kim and Salem* Gotcha

Salem:Wild: K

Kim:sorry ^^ my throat hurts :(

Salem:Kim: Aw :(


Wildy:*hugs Kim*

Kim:Thanks ^^

Wildy:Friends stick together :)


Wildy:"Mate and mate together act, here's my heart and here's my pact"

Wildy:That wording fits us

Salem:I agree

Wildy:the rhythm of that's from a poem I found in a Redwall novel, but I wanted a version that fit my friends


Salem:*Hugs everyone*

Kim:I gtg :( I really don't feel well and aint really contributing any way ^^;

Salem:Aw :( hope you feel better soon


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